Portlandia Coffee Cozies!

I love the fact that marketing can occasionally include the local artisan.  To be fair, the marketing campaign I’m speaking of is for Portlandia, so using handmade goods seems to be in line with the show’s concept.  If you haven’t seen the show yet, please do.  And if the show makes no sense to you, then you probably don’t know anyone from Portland.  My girlfriend has a bunch of friends there, and I’ve been informed that it’s an even crunchier, greener than thou version of Austin.  Which is kind of impressive.

On a related note, studies have recently shown that eating organic and healthy foods may make you a judgmental asshole.  Click here for more info!   Please keep this in mind next time you’re watching an episode.


The marketing campaign consists of asking artisans around the country to make coffee cozies and send them off to be distributed at independant coffee shops in Portland as an advertisement for season three.  They’ll all have the tags, “Made by the Portlandia Co-op.”  The best part?  They were willing to pay $10 per cozy.  So in the near future, ten of these bad boys are going to be floating around Portland AND I’ll be able to treat my sweetheart to some extra groceries.  Oh yeah…I’m real good.  Just call me Don Juanita.

I’m told green hearts are a big thing up there.  Seems like a good logo for self righteous hippies.

I made some traditional red ones too.

Also – Dinosaurs with red balloons.  I already had the green and red, right?

I really just like dinosaurs on things.  I possibly had a childhood obsession and might have been known as “Dinosaur Girl” in certain circles.  And by certain circles I mean at least once a year someone from my childhood reminds me of it.  On that note, I’m gonna go eat a brownie.


Introducing Max

At the ripe age of 29 I decided I was old enough to bring home a kitten and not kill it.  Don’t be tempted to think that I’m being hyperbolic for effect; I sincerely believed for a very long time that I shouldn’t be responsible for any kind of living creature.  I’m still wary about needy plants. However, I’ve learned that cats are very resilient.

Thank God mine’s smart enough to not eat the craft supplies.

So thus began the kitten hunt.  I spent many a long hour ignoring responsibilities and perusing craigslist for the cutest of the cute.  Finally I found the perfect listing for a large litter of rescue kittens of only about 4 weeks old.  Which is clearly the cutest age in kitten development.


I know its not the best picture, but COME ON.  Have you ever seen something that cute in your life?!?!  Anyhow, the tiny one with the spotty belly came home with me 3 weeks later.

And now for a bunch of self indulgent cat pictures.



Don’t you love the size of that cat tree in comparison to his tiny body?!  My mom got that for me.  I’m pretty adamant on never having children, and being an only child myself this makes Max the only grandkitten.

Also, instagram was clearly invented for cat photos.  Much like the sole reason for youtube.




This Thing Called Homeownership

I guess I became an adult this year.  I mean, I’m 30 so I was going to have to start at some point…

My personal path to feeling like a “grown-up.”  ~

1.  Putting on my big girl panties and moving from Hartford, CT to Austin, TX despite the shear terror of my mom’s New England “quiet” disapproval.  You know, the kind where she’s not saying anything but she’s THINKING it really loudly.  Occasionally there would just be this soft, “Courtney, I really don’t think this is a good idea.  I just have this feeling…”  Why is that SO much scarier than a simple, “HOW CAN YOU LEAVE YOUR FAMILY?!?!?!”

2.  I figured out I liked girls a whole lot better than boys.  Now, I know that upon reading this you’re probably smiling to yourself and thinking how nice it is that I was brave enough to be myself in this ever changing world.  The truth is that I am honestly the world’s dumbest lesbian.  I possibly spent a whole week in the closet before announcing, “HOLY CRAP I LIKE GIRLS!” and marveling at the new found explanation for all my previous dissatisfying relationships.

3. I bought a house, quit my job as a public school choir director, and moved in with my girlfriend.  In that order.  In a span of three months.  This blog is mostly about that.  And the cats.