So This is Christmas…

I really, REALLY love Christmas.  I love tiny white lights on everything.  I love the smell of fresh cut pine branches.  I love making cookies, and Christmas cards, and singing carols at the top of my lungs.

Over the years I’ve devoted an absurd amount of time to glittering ornaments. crocheting snowflakes, making fudge, and forcing good will down the throats of everyone I know.  This year I’m doing it in the form of a light up T-Rex on my front lawn.  He’s holding a package and turns his head from side to side with these big white plastic eyes and tiny pin point pupils.  It seems like he should start salivating into a psychotic break of Christmas joy at any moment.  Just the way I like it.


This is probably a good lead in to my actual job.  You know, the one pays the bills and gives me health insurance as opposed to the crazy business schemes I keep coming up with in hope that one day one of them will actually give me money, instead of just taking start up capital.

I am the music director at a Methodist Church.  I believe my official title is Director of Music Ministries.  It’s all pretty funny to me.  If you had told me at the tender age of 12, as a Mormon in CT, that I would end up a gay Texan I wouldn’t have believed you.  Just as much though, as if you had told me a year ago that I was going to end up back in church.  And that they’d pay me!!!!!

It’s actually a pretty fantastic job.  No longer do I have to wave my hands around in front of screaming middle schoolers while day dreaming of sticking forks in my ears.  Now I hang out with adults that sight read and appreciate that I have the same taste in music as an 80 year old woman. I’m still really excited about the William Billings carol I picked out for this year’s Christmas Program.

What this really means, is that not only is Christmas my hobby this year but also my job.  And I’m am going spread joy and tinsel like I’m getting paid for it.


This Thing Called Homeownership

I guess I became an adult this year.  I mean, I’m 30 so I was going to have to start at some point…

My personal path to feeling like a “grown-up.”  ~

1.  Putting on my big girl panties and moving from Hartford, CT to Austin, TX despite the shear terror of my mom’s New England “quiet” disapproval.  You know, the kind where she’s not saying anything but she’s THINKING it really loudly.  Occasionally there would just be this soft, “Courtney, I really don’t think this is a good idea.  I just have this feeling…”  Why is that SO much scarier than a simple, “HOW CAN YOU LEAVE YOUR FAMILY?!?!?!”

2.  I figured out I liked girls a whole lot better than boys.  Now, I know that upon reading this you’re probably smiling to yourself and thinking how nice it is that I was brave enough to be myself in this ever changing world.  The truth is that I am honestly the world’s dumbest lesbian.  I possibly spent a whole week in the closet before announcing, “HOLY CRAP I LIKE GIRLS!” and marveling at the new found explanation for all my previous dissatisfying relationships.

3. I bought a house, quit my job as a public school choir director, and moved in with my girlfriend.  In that order.  In a span of three months.  This blog is mostly about that.  And the cats.