Reindeer Antlers in Review. See how they held up out on the town!

I promised you pictures, so here they are!  The antlers AND the full reindeer costume!

See the original post with the free pattern here!


Here I am with Max and my extra shiny Christmas Tree before leaving the house.  As you can see, the antlers end up pointing out more than up, but I think the effect is pretty great.  Also, my cat totally poses for pictures.  That ham!

Santa '12

Picture by Brent Thomas

In this next picture Jamie and I have arrived at our gathering point.  The night is still pretty docile, and the antlers still in pretty good condition.  Doesn’t Jamie make the cutest elf?

Santa '13 2

Picture by Brent Thomas

Clearly the evening has progressed.  There has been dancing, imbibing and general reindeer games.  The antlers are drooping a bit, but still holding their own.  Go antlers, go!!

All together, I’d call this a successful night.  Next year, I’m totally going as a reindeer again.


Introducing Max

At the ripe age of 29 I decided I was old enough to bring home a kitten and not kill it.  Don’t be tempted to think that I’m being hyperbolic for effect; I sincerely believed for a very long time that I shouldn’t be responsible for any kind of living creature.  I’m still wary about needy plants. However, I’ve learned that cats are very resilient.

Thank God mine’s smart enough to not eat the craft supplies.

So thus began the kitten hunt.  I spent many a long hour ignoring responsibilities and perusing craigslist for the cutest of the cute.  Finally I found the perfect listing for a large litter of rescue kittens of only about 4 weeks old.  Which is clearly the cutest age in kitten development.


I know its not the best picture, but COME ON.  Have you ever seen something that cute in your life?!?!  Anyhow, the tiny one with the spotty belly came home with me 3 weeks later.

And now for a bunch of self indulgent cat pictures.



Don’t you love the size of that cat tree in comparison to his tiny body?!  My mom got that for me.  I’m pretty adamant on never having children, and being an only child myself this makes Max the only grandkitten.

Also, instagram was clearly invented for cat photos.  Much like the sole reason for youtube.