Apocalypse Babies Now!!!

Today is December 21st, 2012 and the world is supposed to be ending.

However, the only thing that actually happened is that a friend of mine gave birth to her son.  Which is pretty cool because it means that the two of us have something really unusual in common.


I too was born on one of the great failed apocalypse prediction dates:  March 10th, 1982.  On this day all of the planets decided to line up on one side of the sun.  It was called the Jupiter Effect and it actually did happen.  According to a couple of doomsday scientists, this should have caused a massive gravitational pull with solar flares, earthquakes and all manner of natural disasters.  I like to believe that dinosaurs would have been involved somehow.  Perhaps if the planets could have gotten their collective shit together and formed a really straight line, we all wouldn’t be here now.  But for whatever reason this great cosmic conga line had no real effect at all.

Except for me.

I was born in a small Vermont town with a small local newspaper.  Without any real news of total destruction to report, the paper came by the hospital and took a picture of all the March 10th babies.  My mom still has the newspaper clipping somewhere.  I would LOVE to share that with you but she’s about 2000 miles away.  So instead, I’ll just show you some fun links that I found.

Top 10 Failed Apocalyptic Predictions

I’m number 3 on the List.

The Jupiter Effect – Are We Dead Yet?

This is a great clip from the news in Fargo, ND on March 10th, 1982.

I like to think that my friend’s baby and I will get on pretty well.  It’s nice to welcome another doomsday sibling into the world.

Rock on little guy, and do great things.