Reindeer Antlers in Review. See how they held up out on the town!

I promised you pictures, so here they are!  The antlers AND the full reindeer costume!

See the original post with the free pattern here!


Here I am with Max and my extra shiny Christmas Tree before leaving the house.  As you can see, the antlers end up pointing out more than up, but I think the effect is pretty great.  Also, my cat totally poses for pictures.  That ham!

Santa '12

Picture by Brent Thomas

In this next picture Jamie and I have arrived at our gathering point.  The night is still pretty docile, and the antlers still in pretty good condition.  Doesn’t Jamie make the cutest elf?

Santa '13 2

Picture by Brent Thomas

Clearly the evening has progressed.  There has been dancing, imbibing and general reindeer games.  The antlers are drooping a bit, but still holding their own.  Go antlers, go!!

All together, I’d call this a successful night.  Next year, I’m totally going as a reindeer again.