Crochet Reindeer Antler Hair Clips! Free Pattern!!


So there’s this thing that happens in cities all over the world every year.  It’s called SantaCon.  Here’s the link!  In Austin, it’s fondly called Santa Rampage, because that’s pretty much what it is.  People get dressed up in Santa or holiday garb and rampage the heart of the city spreading Christmas joy and pissing off anyone without a sense of humor.  I’ve been a lady Santa for the past two years, so I think it’s time to start changing things up. Reindeer it is!!!

My first order of business is the antlers.  I HATE headbands with a passion.  They don’t stay put and always give me a headache.  Therefore all of those cute little reindeer headbands available in stores are OUT.  Second, I need to be able to dance in them. So they have to be light and really well attached to my hair.

Here’s where I get to share what I did with you!!  Yay!!!!  Also, if anyone reading this actually makes a pair, please let me know how it went and if the directions were easy to follow.

A note from the future:  The Antlers were a success!!!

For This Project You Will Need:

  • Yarn!  For the antlers I used Paton’s Bamboo Silk and for the white fluffy base I used something I had left over from my first Santa Rampage 2 years ago.  Anything big and white and fluffy would work.
  • A size 4mm crochet hook for the antlers and whatever big ass crochet hook you have lying around for the white fluffy stuff.  I used a 9mm hook and it still wasn’t really big enough.
  • Craft needle for attaching pieces
  • 12 gauge jewelry wire
  • Jewelry wire pliers/cutters
  • Fray Check.  You should buy this even if you’re not making this project.  It’s magical.
  • Aligator clips with bezels
  • Hot Glue
  • 2 Hair Elastics that you don’t mind cutting up.
  • Sparkly Red Ribbon!!!

Antler Parts:


For the Main “Prong.”  (I guess that’s what we’ll call it.  My girlfriend was insistent on calling them little penises last night):

1.  6 sc in a magic ring.  (If you don’t know what that is, here’s a handy tutorial) Also, after cinching the yarn tail and joining with a slip stitch, pull the yarn tail again to make sure it’s really closed tight and tie a knot against the wrong side.  Leave a little tail and cut.

2.  Ch 1.  Sc once in the back loops of all 6 sc.  Then there’s going to be something that kind of looks like a sc but its really your ch 1.  Sc in that too. So that means there is 7 sc in your round. (This is to make the main prong just a little bit bigger) Then slip stich to join in the first sc.  (The reason for using back loops only on this round is to make it easier to flip the crochet into a tube shape.)

3.   Complete round (7 sc) 20 times.  Except go back to crocheting in both loops. You know, like normal.  Slip stitch in the last stitch.  Leave a nice, long tail of yarn.  You’ll need it later!

4.  Make another!!!  One antler looks funny!!!

For the little prongs:

1.  Follow direction # 1 from above.

2.  Start to follow direction #2 from above, but DON’T add the 7th sc.  Slip stitch to the first sc after making the 6th.

3.  Complete your round of 6 sc 7 times.  Slip stitch in the last stitch.  Make sure to leave long tails of yarn for attaching to the main prong later.

4.  Make 4 of these.

Adding Cotton Batting and Wire:


Long and skinny pieces like this are a pain to stuff, but if you make little balls of cotton batting and stuff it with the end of a pencil or a larger crochet hook, you’ll get there eventually.  You can roll the piece around in between your fingers to get the batting to sit a little more evenly.  Fill it about half way before taking your piece of wire and wiggling it up on in there.  I cut a 9 inch piece of wire for the main prong.  Turns out, I didn’t really need that much but I didn’t exactly know what I was doing yet and figured it couldn’t hurt.  After putting the wire in, stuff the rest of the main prong.

Adding the First Prong:


First, stuff one of the little prongs.  This one doesn’t need a wire and will end up following the main prong.  Second, sew on to the main prong in between the 8th and 10th rounds with the long tail you remembered to leave.  Forgot to leave a long tail?  Shame on you!  Get another piece of yarn and figure it out!!  After sewing on the little prong, tie a small knot and then feed the rest of the yarn through the main prong and out the bottom.

Attaching the Second Prong:



Ok, this one is going to need a wire.  Take another piece of wire, (again, I used 7 inches which ended up being way more than I needed,) and poke it into the main prong on the opposite side from the little prong you just attached at the 7th round from the bottom.  Then slide it through the main prong until the amount you have hanging out is the length of the little prong and the rest is hanging out the bottom.  Stuff the little prong and sew on over the wire.  Do the same thing to finish off this prong as you did to the last.

Securing the Wires:


Next, lay the antler down on the table and bend the wires out like they appear in the picture.  This is to keep them from flopping around.

Finishing Off the Bottom of the Antler:


At this point you should have three pieces of yarn hanging out the bottom.  One will probably be shorter and belong to the prong that doesn’t have a wire.  Cut this one off.  Then you have two long pieces of yarn.  Sew the bottom of the antler shut with those pieces making sure that each of the wires are at the ends of the enclosure.  After cutting the extra yarn, use a whole bunch of Fray Check.  That stuff is amazing.

Put together the other antler!  You need two! Make the second one exactly the way you made the first one as you can just turn it over and have the opposite antler.  I purposefully made mine opposite of each other because I’m neurotic like that.  If you’re as neurotic as me, you can probably figure out what sides to attach the little prongs to.

When you’re done with both antlers, shape the wires for desired cuteness!

Attaching to the Hair Clips:


I had these alligator clips with bezels lying around the house in this vast waste land of, “Why did I buy that?”  The answer to that question is, “Because silly, you’re going to make something two years after you bought them and feel like a GENUIS.”  So basically I set the bottoms of the antlers into the bezels and clipped the wires short enough so that they’d fit.


As much as I hate hot glue and probably should have just taken my shower and gone out for super glue, I decided to fill the bezels with hot glue and squish the bottoms of the antlers down into them.  And then I put more hot glue over the base of the antlers just for good luck.  If they fall apart while I’m dancing, this is why.

At this point I FINALLY had antlers, so I ran to the mirror and immediately clipped them to my hair.  First problem:  Still kind of wobbly.  Second problem:  The clips are super visible and ugly.



The first thing I did was take two hair elastics, cut them, and tie them around the base of the antlers.  Then I took the elastic off the antler, tightened the knot, and cut the ends.  After that I took this super fluffy white craft yarn, (which just happened to come from my first Santa Rampage two years ago) and I made 4 sc around the elastic ring.  I tied it off, used a crap ton of Fray Check, tied on a cute little red bow and called it a day!  I put the fluffy white elastic pieces back on the antlers and you have the picture at the top of the post!